No Idea What To Call This Post

Our Grief Counselor has relocated to another state and honestly, I cannot blame him. Oregon has become a such a tragic place to live. You have people in Portland screaming to defund and kill the police and now people are being killed almost daily and they wonder where the police are. Portlanders brought on themselves, … Continue reading No Idea What To Call This Post

I Don’t Want To Be Forced

Good Morning It seems like a lot is going on lately Covid 19 is once again running rampant. My daughter’s brother-in-law had it, he was sick for about 3 days and is now feeling better. Before you ask, no he was not vaccinated or hospitalized. My neighbor who was partially vaccinated had it for about … Continue reading I Don’t Want To Be Forced

Day 2 Crater Lake Adventure

Today we took the dogs and went to Rim Village where we walked around and took lots of pictures, I went into the gift shop to get stickers for our camping journal and for my Shanny Journal. I found a couple of awesome bookmarks. Then we drove around the entire lake where we found super … Continue reading Day 2 Crater Lake Adventure

Day 1 Crater Lake Adventure

Today is our 31st Wedding Anniversary and our glamping trip this year is to Crater Lake, Oregon. Neither Doug nor I have ever been there, and we wanted to check it out. Even with my anxieties about leaving home I have still been excited to see Crater Lake. We left the house at 10:00 because … Continue reading Day 1 Crater Lake Adventure

6 Years

I know I usually write something for the anniversary of Shanny’s death but it usually ends in a tirade of some kind and I honestly just don’t want all that anger taking over the deep sadness that I feel since Shanny’s murder. Yes, I do consider what happen to Shanny and her friend murder for … Continue reading 6 Years

Grief Is Not A Competition

Earlier in the week something was said about my not transporting wheel chair students, and before you get the wrong idea I should explain. When we drive special needs and there is a crash or reason to evacuate the bus goal is to save everyone however, if there is a time issue it becomes save … Continue reading Grief Is Not A Competition

Shanny’s Run/Walk 2021

Shanny’s Run/Walk is a go. There are 2 registration links. One for the in-person run and one for the virtual run. With Covid still a factor in our lives we are striving to do our part but still make Shanny’s Run/Walk happen. The In-Person Run/Walk will be on Saturday, June 26, 2021 Link to In-Person … Continue reading Shanny’s Run/Walk 2021


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